To combat the still unacceptably high levels of child and maternal mortality in Guinea-Bissau (and other low-income countries), interventions aiming to improve maternal and child health are being implemented. Ane Fisker has been involved in assessing the real-life effects of child health interventions in Guinea-Bissau for the past 15 years. Here, impact evaluation is commonly limited to intervention coverage and the effect on health is then modelled – but reality may look very different from the modelled impact.


Through a series of ongoing and planned projects, our Health Policy Research group will assess the real-life impact of interventions, identify and evaluate better indicators for monitoring health interventions in the future and improve the tool that may be used to assess real-life effects of future interventions.


The project is supported by an Ascending investigator grant from Lundbeck Foundation and a Sapere Aude grant from Independent Research Fund Denmark .


The project and the team are  described in further detail on the following pages.