Measuring early neonatal mortality 

- in low-income countries

Andreas Møller Jensen, MSc, PhD-student


During the past 20 years, child mortality has decreased markedly in low-income countries. The third Sustainable Development Goal sets the target for under-5 mortality as a maximum of 2.5% by 2030, in 2017, under-5 mortality in Africa was estimated at 7.6%.

National data in low-income countries are sparse and inadequate. Hence, mortality estimates have to rely on data from other sources such as standardised household surveys, where women are interviewed on all their past births or pregnancies. However, collecting mortality data retrospectively may be associated with omissions and misclassifications.


Through a series of studies Andreas will investigate the association between data collection methods and obtained estimates for neonatal mortality, in terms of magnitude, precision and timing.


Andreas's reseach profile and publication list is available here.