Evaluating the effects of polio vaccines on general child health in Guinea-Bissau

Line Møller Pedersen, MSc, PhD-student


Line's work focuses on poliovaccines. As part of the global plan for polio-eradication, the currently used live oral polio vaccine (OPV) is planned to be replaced by the inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) before 2024. Both vaccines protect against polio, but their effect on general child health may differ: Previous studies have shown that the live OPV protects against non-polio infections, whereas the non-live IPV may increase the susceptibility to other infections, particularly for girls.

Through a series of studies based on observational data and data from a randomized trial, Line examines the real-life effects of OPV and IPV to assess whether the change from OPV to IPV increases child mortality and morbidity, when the child is deprived of the positive effects of OPV and instead exposed to the potential negative effects of IPV.


Line's reseach profile and publication list is available here.