New indicators of BCG vaccination programme performance 

- related to better child health?

Julie Odgaard Vedel, MD, PhD student


BCG-vaccination is recommended at birth in low-income countries. BCG is supplied in multidose vials with limited durability after opening. This has led to a practice of only vaccinating at specific days and not opening a vial unless 10-12 children are present. Therefore, BCG vaccination is frequently delayed. Official BCG coverage estimates evaluate coverage at 12 months of age and do not reveal whether BCG is given timely. Accumulating evidence indicates that BCG has beneficial non-specific effects on survival and BCG scarring is associated with lower mortality among BCG vaccinated children.


Julie will evaluate BCG coverage at 1 month and BCG-scarring at 6 months as alternative markers for the BCG vaccination programme by describing and investigating the effects of delayed BCG vaccination on early infant mortality and morbidity as well as the importance of correct intradermal vaccination technique on developing scars.


Julie's reseach profile and publication list is available here.